Beverley Dean reviews two One Act plays by WCP

For Starters & We Make Babies

Two one-act plays performed by Waterbeach Community Players

For Starters
by Nick Warburton
directed by Julie Petrucci

When I saw that "For Starters" by Nick Warburton was being performed again at Waterbeach, I did not hesitate to book my tickets. My husband Richard hadn't seen the play and I knew he was in for a treat!

Set in a hotel restaurant, this is a story about a waitress and a customer and how their confrontations and conversations lead to a mutual understanding and friendship.

A typical hotel environment was captured by cheesy piped music and nicely laid tables complete with a vase containing a single-stem flower the flowers changed between scenes to simply and effectively mark the passage of time.

A technical problem, causing the lights to flicker throughout, was unfortunate and I felt myself having real sympathy for the actors contending with this. However, the strength of their acting was enough to make the problem of little significance. Steve Smith wallowed in the role of Roland - a grumpy and obnoxious permanent resident of the hotel, set in his ways and verging on OCD. He's brought to confront his demons through the clumsy, kind, inexperienced, over-talkative and rather curious waitress Daisy, played to perfection by Kattreya Smith. Daisy's persistence brings some meaning and hope to Roland's lonely life as he slowly opens up and embraces new possibilities - venturing to sit at a different table in the hotel! Kattreya brought the stage alive with her enthusiasm and immaculate timing - the direction working Nick Warburton's superb writing to full effect - and pausing appropriately to receive the audience's appreciative laughter.

A smashing piece of theatre - well performed by a father and his daughter - WICKED!

We Make Babies
by Sean Abbs
directed by Kat Hardman

I can understand why this play and its actors received such accolades at the recent Sawston and Cambridge Drama Festivals. Sean Abbs and Kattreya Smith were both stunning in this contemporary piece of skillfully written theatre. Their interplay was cleverly conceived and executed, when as one they argued, fought, killed(!) and loved their way through the concept of early pregnancy and the trials and tribulations of becoming young parents.

The lighting and sound heightened the atmosphere they created and we were transported inside a whole new dimension through the naive eyes of this troubled young couple.

The acting was performed with such conviction and energy that you found yourself being sucked into their absurd world.

An impressive, expressive and slick piece of theatre performed by two bright young stars who should go far.

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