Pat Hamilton reviews Cinderella

by Julie Petrucci and Chris Shinn
performed by Waterbeach Community Players
directed by Julie Petrucci

This was an interesting and truly entertaining approach to one of our most loved pantomimes for the Full House of enthusiastic WCP supporters. The essential characters were all there but given different opportunities to enhance the traditional story for our entertainment and delight.

The opening appearance of the Fairy Godmother - not the traditional old lady searching for firewood - but delightfully played by a very lovely and young Jessica Hamill, who welcomed us to the local populace at the court of King Wilberforce III.

The mood is set introducing us to a charming and talented Emily Rutherford as our lovely heroine, Cinderella, daughter of Baron Hardup Paul Lockwood, (although not at this point a downtrodden skivvy) and Buttons her staunch ally and friend - a lively and charismatic performance from Vikki Green.

However, life for Cinders is about to change - to salve his financial predicament, the Baron has remarried and brought home his new forceful and dominating wife, the new Baroness Beyonce, Rosie Wilson, with her two daughters Salmonella Chris Shinn and Rubella James Dowson - perhaps the most gruesome, albeit entertaining, pair to ever have crossed the Waterbeach stage.

The romance and glamour was provided by two young ladies of immense talent and stage presence - Prince Charming played by Kayleigh Orrock and Dandini by Kattreya Smith - both ladies vocally and thigh slappingly impressive.

The Prince, unbeknown to Cinderella, receives a helping hand from the Fairy Godmother, and is immediately smitten by her and, wanting to discover who she is, tells her a ball is to be held, inviting all the young ladies in the land to attend. The Baroness has other ideas and insists Cinderella stays at home. However our Fairy Godmother comes to the rescue and, following an impressive transformation scene, with a warning to be home by midnight, sends Cinders, beautifully attired, off to the Ball.

The Broker's men played by Michael Husband and David Morris, as well as chasing the money owed by the Baron are also raising sponsorship for Len's sponsored silence which, inevitably, falls at the last fence.

However, as in all pantomimes, everyone (even Salmonella and Rubella) is happy ever after.

WCP are blessed with both a good strong chorus, all in good voice, and an amazing team of behind the scenes and FOH folk.

In the pit this year Sarah Phelps took over from Shirley Randall as MD assisted by James Morgan (percussion) and Simon Wombwell (guitar). Cath Langridge (Stage Manager) and Mark Easterfield (Technical Director) headed the numerous folk back-stage and Jane Stewart organised the Front of house helpers.

This was a most entertaining evening containing, as it did, so many highlights and excellent performances

Well done and Thank you to all concerned.

Pat Hamilton

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