Cheshire Cats - Character Notes



40+ team leader/organiser, she is the centre of the group, bombastic and a bit of a sergeant-major in terms of style


40+ old friend of Hilary's, caring and diplomatic


40+ friend of Hilary's, overworked and stressed out mum


40+ casual friend of Hilary's, fit, glamorous, sexy divorcee - needs to be confident at kissing on stage and wearing a sexier version of the costume


20-30s stepping in to fill a place on the team, slightly overweight and unfit, younger mum

All the women need to wear the Moonwalk traditional outfit which is a decorated bra and walking trousers at varying points in the play.


30's (but needs to be obviously younger than Vicky) Vicky's new toyboy, sexy, charming and full of himself - needs to be confident at kissing on stage and wearing a sexy version of the Moonwalk outfit including bra. Andrew also doubles for the Handsome Drunk who chats up some of the girls.

Other parts:

Aerobic Instructor, Ron and others

any age - small but crucial role, needs to wear a bra and be fit and do a motivating warm up routine. Aerobics instructor will also double with Ron who is an older Marshall (aged up to 60+) cheering the participants on as they walk past and chatting to his wife Madge, he is also the policeman and the station announcer (the latter two may be voice overs)


Marshall cheering the participants on. Married to Ron, they have a two page segment on their own in the middle of the play.

Production Postponed - Look out for details of rehearsal and production dates next year

As an ensemble piece, all cast playing main roles will be required for every rehearsal. Smaller parts will have individual rehearsals initially and then become more involved as the production nears.

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