Snow White - Character Notes

What are our panto heros really like? Here are some initial ideas about the main characters in Snow White for 2020

Character Breakdown

Snow White

The leading lady, playing age 16-25. Quite a few solos, so a good singer required

Queen Morgana

Our evil queen, playing age 30+. Evoking strong sass, strength and the ability to flit from perfect wife to evil villain. Some solos, so a good singer required.

King Percival

Father of Snow White, slightly oblivious but kind and loving King, under the spell of his new wife - Morgana.

Prince Cassian
(Principal Boy)

Our Principal Boy, strong and valiant. A long period off, however saves the day in true prince style. Many solos, so a good singer required.

Nannie Annie

The dame! Nanny to the beautiful Snow White, with a bit of a fancy towards King Percival. Comedic.

(a Servant)

Half of the comedy duo, but this time - they're good guys! Strong comic timing needed

(another Servant)

Same as above

Woody the Woodcutter

Queen Morgana's Woodcutter, forced to take Snow White for a picnic to kill her. However, backs out last minute and sets Snow White free. A smaller but very pivotal role.

The Fairy

The Fairy! Sweet, kind, angelic. Many, many long monologues all in rhyme. Opens the pantomime with the opening number. A solo performance so we need good stage presence!

Magic Mirror

Speaks completely in rhyme. We're wanting something a bit experimental about this role. Potential to bring huge sass and glamour to the role.

The Dwarfs

Drippy, Droopy, Sassy, Snoozy, Boozy, Bossy and Chilly- says it all!


Dancers and singers to play courtiers, servants, and so on

Auditions are to be held at 7.30pm on October 16th 2019 at Waterbeach School, performance dates are January 23rd to 25th, 2020

Remember: Parking 2019 & 2020: Due to on-going building works at the School, it is expected that there will be NO parking at the school itself. Patrons arriving by car are requested to park in one of the streets nearby and walk from there. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.  


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