Olga from Volgograd - Character Notes



M 40-60. A failed playwright who once wrote a highly successful play the royalties from which support him and his family. He spends his days staring at his computer screen aimlessly swiping left or right, and travelling the country lending "moral support" to the umpteen production of his one successful play: "Murder on the 007"


F 40-60. His wife. Has an apparently easy going and loving relationship with Paul but we are not too sure whether the banter they share is born of the comfort of a longstanding successful relationship or hides the tension of a relationship that is nearing its conclusion.


F 25-45. A mysterious Russian lady with whom Paul may or may not have been conducting a clandestine liaison via the internet dating site Premiervisage.com. According to the judge at Hunstanton the best character out of all those in the top three plays in the playwriting festival. Eastern European accent required.


M/F any age. I've lumped these two characters together. They can be played by either two males or two females of any age. They are two "hired assassins from whatever the Russian Assassination Bureau is called these days. These roles are shorter than the other three but their scene could be the highlight of the show.

If you would like to know more or read a copy of the script please contact David Morris at davidmorris566@gmail.com and he will be pleased to forward an electronic copy of the script.  


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